Publishing Data Sources

In addition to publishing workbooks, you can also publish a data source. Publish data sources to share them with others who have access to Tableau Server. Data sources can be imported using Tableau Professional. This section discusses how to publish a data source to Tableau Server.

To publish a data source:

  1. Select Server > Publish Data Source.

  2. Type the following into the Tableau Server Login dialog box:

    • Server: the server name or URL (Examples: sales_server, https://sales_server)

    • User Name: your user name. If Tableau Server is configured to use Active Directory, type your Windows user name, otherwise, type your Tableau Server user name.

    • Password: your password

  3. In the Publish Data Source dialog box, select a project to publish the data source into.

    A project is like a folder that can contain workbooks and data sources. Tableau Server comes with one project called Default. Leave the project set to Default to add the data source to this pre-set project. All data sources must be published into a project.

  4. Type a name for the data source into the Name text box.


    Use the drop-down list to select an existing data source on the server. When you publish using an existing data source name, the data source on the server is overwritten. You must be allowed the Write permission to overwrite data sources on the server.

  5. Optionally type one or more keywords that describe the data source into the Tags text box. Tags help you and others find related data sources when browsing the server.

    Each tag should be separated by either a comma or a space. If the tag contains a space, type the tag surrounded by quote marks (e.g., “Sales Quotes”).

  6. Optionally specify permissions to allow or deny access to the data source on the server. By default all users can view the data source and you, as the publisher, are allowed all capabilities. Refer to Speci fying Permissions to learn more.

  7. If your workbook contains active user filters you must specify how to generate the thumbnail images for the server. Refer to Publishin g with User Filters to learn more about how to do so.

  8. Finally, if you are publishing an external file data source or a data source that is on a mapped drive select to Include External Files. When you include external files, a copy of the data source is published. External file data sources include Excel, Access, Text, Data Extract, and image files. If you don’t include these files, others may not be able to see the worksheets online.

  9. When finished, click Publish.